Taking the fear out of feedback

“Feedback” is a common term, but is largely misunderstood and poorly managed.

We tend to associate feedback with managers feeding back to employees. But feedback given by employees to managers is just as important. When feedback flows freely between managers and employees, people can work better together to achieve goals and ultimately meet business objectives. Research from the CIPD shows that 68% of CEOs surveyed last year said their employees’ inability to have difficult discussions and feedback conversations was preventing them from improving their companies’ performance and profits.

CIPD research* also shows that 31% of managers are reported as “fairly poor” or “poor” at on-the-job coaching – suggesting work needs to be done to improve communication between line managers and employees. So how can we make the process easier for everyone – and take the fear out of feedback?

In this webinar, brought to you in partnership with Halogen Software, we gather expert speakers and practitioners to discuss the following questions:

  • What is the connection between feedback and performance?
  • What exactly do we mean by a culture of feedback?
  • Is this something all companies should aspire towards?
  • How can we help managers become better coaches?
  • How can we empower employees to provide honest feedback to managers?

*Employee Outlook, CIPD, Autumn 2016


Dick Barton

HR Director, Sogeti UK

Dick Barton MA MSc MBA FCIPD started in technical roles in IT, but soon became more interested in the human side of organisations. Dick is currently HR Director of Sogeti UK, an IT company based in London and part of the global consultancy Capgemi.. Read more

Nina Mehta-Vania

Talent Management Consultant, Halogen Software

Nina is responsible for delivering continuous advancement consulting services to clients across EMEA.  She works with clients to evaluate their talent management strategy to structure the best solution for their talent requirements.

P.. Read more

Tim Pointer

Founder, Starboard Thinking

Tim Pointer founded Starboard Thinking. Starboard Thinking is a consultancy which accelerates organisational performance through organisational engagement. Tim is also an executive coach, thought leader and business speaker who works across all se.. Read more